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Full Spectrum of Chucking Options to Meet Your Application

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Quick Change Jaw Chuck    

If repeated change over is necessary for frequently run parts, this chuck reduces set up time while maintaining part tolerance accuracy. This chuck features rigid jaw design .001 repeatability and large through hole with collet pad master jaws. The base jaw can be supplied with machinable inserts for new parts. This 15” quick change jaw chuck has additional T-Slots to mount part stops-locators as required to ensure repeatability and part work holding accuracy.

Diaphragm Chucks

We offer dedicated diaphragm chucks for specific high volume production requirements and Universal diaphragm chucks. Universal diaphragm chucks are available with master jaw bases & regrindable jaw blanks. Within a family of parts sizes, these offer flexibility for more than one part use. We also offer diaphragm chucks for gear machining. Our Universal diaphragm gear chucks are equipped with gear cages which provides flexibility & quick change over for a variety of gears or family of gears within the range of the chuck. Additionally, diaphragm chucks can hold .0001 T.I.R. for your tight tolerance requirements.

Because there are basically no moving parts exposed to the cutting zone, these chucks are durable and low maintenance.

diaphragm chuck.png
retractable chuck.png

Retractable Jaw Chucks

Retractable jaw chucks are used to hold a part more rigidly between centers and allow machining for the full length of the part. Depending on the condition of the work piece we can provide compensating retractable jaws and ensure the part will not move off of its center line. This illustration shows the jaws retracted below the face driver for complete cutting tool clearance


Pull  Down style power chuck. These are generally recommended for the first chucking in production machining applications. It can centralize a work piece or the jaw mechanism can be made to compensate for locating between centers.Our 3 jaw can be manufactured to convert from either centralizing or compensating. LevR’-Lok is available in 6” to 30” diameters with 2,3,4, or 6 jaw configurations. With counter-centrifugal action, heavy duty construction and precision tolerances we can guarantee 0.0005 T.I.R.

collet chuck.png

Collet Chucks 


Designed for a multitude of applications, from small easily distorted parts to the very large and heavy parts. This one pictured is a 20” diameter double collet chuck used in a spin welding application. Collet chucks are generally used in finish machining applications and can be engineered to grip the part statically or with pull back action. These are also used in high RPM applications where clamping force is not altered by centrifugal forces. With our 25  years of experience we can engineer the workholding to meet your machining requirements.

Sliding Jaw Chucks

The sliding jaw actuation is the standard actuation for power chucks. However they can be engineered to meet your specific production machining requirements. This chuck, as pictured, is 12” diameter for machining a 10” ring gear. In addition to the special top tooling, air detect and extra jaw travel for part clearance were features required for this production machining application.

retractable jaw.png
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